Our Wines

Our vines grow under the Mediterranean sun, between Felanitx and Manacor, around the Finca Son Amaret. So far they result in
  • 4 Blancos: exciting white wines from Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Viognier (all single-varietal) or from Viognier and Prensal Blanc (cuvée),
  • 1 Rosado: fresh and juicy rosé made mainly from Syrah,
  • 1 Tinto: full-bodied red wine made from Syrah and
  • 1 Blanco Dulce: delicate sweet wine made from Viognier, Moscato and Malvasia
Over time, the range will be supplemented with wines made from traditional Mallorcan grape varieties such as Callet or Mantonegro and international red wine classics such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.
Find out more about our wines below:

In the cultivation and care of the vines we work close to the nature, i.e. without Glyphosat. Because we do not want to produce mass but class the yield is reduced in favor of quality. In order to sort out grapes and berries that do not meet our requirements the grape harvest is done by hand. Quite simply: for us wine quality is created in the vineyard.

When working in the cellar we avoid unnecessary interventions – as such our quality work in the vineyard can be brought to the bottle as authentically as possible. Fermentation and aging take place in stainless steel tanks to preserve the freshness of the fruit as much as possible. Our wines are dry, i.e. we let them ferment more or less entirely.

Wine assortment

The Son Amaret assortment includes varietal white wines and rosados made from high quality international and Mallorcan grape varieties in an attractive and trendy wine style. The high quality craftsmanship shall also be supported by a valuable, presentable appearance. On the front label of most of our wines you can recognize what makes Mallorca special and describes the origin of the wine: the sea at the bottom and the mountains at the top – each as a hatching. Wines of very special quality can be recognized by the hatched sun on the front label (with folds in the northeast). Regardless of the appearance: if Son Amaret is written on it, reliable quality and the Mallorcan sun are surely inside.

Sauvignon Blanc

Our Sauvignon Blanc combines opulent fruit with the freshness that a white wine needs for a good balance. On the palate it leaves a multifaceted and juicy impression and thus also a testimony to its origin Mallorca. Simply round and delightful.


Son Amaret’s international white wine classic is fresh, aromatic and smooth. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate it has a ripe fruit and is full-bodied with subtle acidity. This is how a round piece of island wine from Mallorca tastes.


Brand new and already a star: the Blanco combines the aromatic, structured Viognier with the full-bodied, rather neutral Prensal, the autochthonous Mallorcan grape variety. The result is better than the sum of its parts: round, harmonious, balanced – the perfect marriage, a wonderful accompaniment to food.



Viognier belongs to the group of the big international white wine grape varieties but has so far retained an insider-status – even more so in Mallorca. However, the first sip reveals what distinguishes him: concentrated fruit, a full body and yet a fine balance make it our top white wine.

Blanco Dulce

Our first sweet wine combines Viognier, Moscatel and Malvasia – all three grape varieties which are very well suited for sweet wines because they combine pronounced fruitiness with a fine spiciness. Whether enjoyed solo or with (preferably spicy) food, the Blanco Dulce is always a tasty experience.


Our rosé cuvée is a finely balanced composition based on Syrah. It combines concentration, structure and freshness with juicy fruit and timeless elegance. The result is a harmonious whole for an easily accessible but sophisticated rosé indulgence. This is what the lightness of being tastes like.


Our first red wine is expected to be launched in summer 2024: the pure Syrah delivers dark, rich and fully ripe fruit with soft tannins, a full body and a harmonious finish. A seductive southerner with temperament.