Son Amaret is wine from the heart of Mallorca. Like the island it stands for a special of sentiment of conviviality, lightness, and warmth. As a fruity, dry refreshment it makes both everyday and special moments harmonious and indulgent. Son Amaret offers wine experiences with style.

Wine experiences

Wine is more than an exciting drink or an excellent pairing to food. Wine is origin, heritage, and discovery. Every wine can tell stories, sometimes even every single wine indulgence. Wine connects people and creates pleasures. Wine wants to be discovered and experienced. Come with us on the journey of Son Amaret.

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The best wine is the one that tastes good. That’s why a wine purchase ideally starts with a tasting. Learn here how to taste Son Amaret wines. And, if you already know what you like or just want to give it a try, there are several ways to purchase our wines.
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Even if Son Amaret is a recent addition to the Mallorcan wine offering, there is a wine history behind it that is at least 225 years old: the history of the Bühler family from the Kaiserstuhl in Southern Baden and Freiburg in Breisgau respectively. In the Bühler family viticulture is not just tradition but also pride and honor – important prerequisites for high-quality wine and your trust.

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